Dr. Venneman will customize a clinic to meet the specific needs of your organization, or you can choose one of the following.  Call for information regarding fees for clinics and travel arrangements (361) 293-1728.

Link to article about a clinic:  http://revuemag.com/2010/07/psychology-and-equestrian-sports/

Unmounted Clinics

Why Does My Horse Do That *#$*%#!!!!!  - Learning Theory for the Equestrian

Mind Games  -  Sport Psychology for the Equestrian

USDF University Credit is available for both programs.

Why Does My Horse Do That *#$*%#!!!!!  - Learning Theory for the Equestrian

Why does my horse buck with my son and not me?  Why does my horse run away from me?  Why can my trainer make my horse look so light?  Why can’t my students get their horse into the outside rein and keep them there?!

What do natural riders “know” intuitively that the rest of us do not?  They intuitively understand how the horse learns. Often, however, they are  unable to explain why they ride the way they do or how they get their mounts to respond so well.

Horses learn just like we do because, all organisms learn the same way.   If horse learn just like we do, then why can’t we teach our horses as easily as we learn ourselves?

I can help you understand how your horse learns to behave in certain ways.  With this knowledge you can start problem-solving for yourself the very next time you ride.  Be sure not to fire your trainer though, because they can help you in your quest to find the key to unlock problems!

I will give you some key elements of learning theory that are actually very simple, but also a very powerful tools for training.  The information provided in this session is geared towards riders teaching the horse, but applies just as well to riding instructors teaching riding students.  This session provides riders with the tools they need to recognize training problems and correct them.  It also allows for more intelligent dialog between riders and their coaches.  Improved dialog enables coaches to recognize missing knowledge and to share the correct and needed information with the rider.

Presentation Outline:

*Learn how our own prejudices keep us from seeing the reality of the training situation
* Recognize how ALL organisms learn 

The Power of Operant Conditioning
*Positive Reinforcement
*Negative Reinforcement

Classical Conditioning
*Overcoming past training errors
*Refined riding- “less is more”

Learn to Recognize the Key Elements of the Situation
*Evaluate the situation
*Make a plan

Advanced Techniques
*Shaping Behaviors
*Being a scientist


Mind Games  -  Sport Psychology for the Equestrian

Take the Fear Out of Riding

Do you ever feel afraid when you are on your horse? 

Do you ever experience anxiety and feelings that you are unable to cope with a certain situation whilst mounted? 

Nervous about moving up to the next level eventing? Worried about an upcoming show or competition? Anxiety is holding you back - you know you have the horse and the ability to do it - you just can't get your mind around it? If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above then you need to use proven pyschological techniques to improve your performance.

Mounted/Horse Clinics

Save $1000 Don’t Buy the Round Pen

Instead of investing in a round pen master the art of lunging. Lunging is a skill that will serve all equestrians, even if you own a pen, because you will find yourself at a location without one at sometime! During this clinic you will learn how to teach any age horse to improve his gaits, or how to teach your young horse the basics he will need before going under saddle, such as acceptance of the bit. You will also learn how to choose safe equipment and use it correctly to achieve your training goals.

Learning Theory for the Equestrian- Mounted Clinic

Understand how your horse thinks and you will become a better rider and trainer. National recognized clinician, and award winning teacher, Sandy Venneman Ph.D. combines knowledge of experimental psychology with 30 years of horse training experience to help you reach YOUR potential so your horse will too. Lessons allowing you to put your new knowledge to work immediately will be available following the unmounted clinic.

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